See what folks are saying about Head to Head:

“This is an AWESOME program. I’ve never seen another program that is so just plain good for kids!”
-Frances Martinez, Counselor and Head to Head Coordinator, Midland Central Middle School

“No…it can’t be a snow day! We have a Head to Head meet today!”
– Gabe K., middle school student

“Great questions – nice range and scope and degrees of difficulty.”
– Mark Pobocik, teacher, Midland Central Middle School

“…looks great and is more closely aligned with what students know rather than so much guessing on their part.”
-Judy Morin, teacher, Midland Jefferson Middle School

“The content of the questions is definitely appropriate for middle school students for the following reasons:
1. The questions emphasize the big ideas for middle school and early high school instruction, and will actually enhance what we are teaching in the classroom.
2. Students will actually be able to understand the meaning of the questions. Your wording of the questions is excellent, and the topics are appropriate.
3. The trivia-like questions that you include periodically would be interesting to middle schoolers.
-Jennifer Lenon, teacher, Midland Central Middle School

“…(my music people) had tears in their eyes over the new rules of conduct. Talented kids can finally fully display where their talents lay!!!”
-Cynthia Thomas, teacher, Bay City Western Middle School

“The questions are much more in the realm of our students’ knowledge…”
-Gayle Grant, media specialist, Midland Central Middle School

“…a great variety of topics, the level of the questions was very adequate, wonderful for middle school level.”
-Barb Haines, teacher, Midland Central Middle School


“I love the camaraderie the program brings to sudents who attend the same school, but until Head to Head haven’t met one another. New friendships are built and kids who challenge themselves find tremendous rewards! I particularly love the LIVE Head to Head competition.”
-Jeanne Dellar, teacher, Midland Central Middle School

“…the best thing that has happened to Midland in a long while.”
-Maggie Hess, teacher, Midland Central Middle School

Kind Words from Participants